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Nashville Career Fair Trip

This year will be a landmark year for Ticket to Ride because as a college, we are opening up an opportunity to better prepare you for the future by offering more resources than ever regarding career fair prep and attendance. There are several career fairs on campus every academic year, but in the past, we have focused mainly the Nashville Career Fair in the spring.

We are encouraging students to build their online profile on TechWorks so all employers can see their resumes all year and through the duration of their time here and later as an alum. Not sure how to use TechWorks? Click here for a Student Guide.

We are encouraging students to complete a Career Readiness Certificate via Career Services as a professional development tool and as something to put on their resume to talk about with employers in interviews. We are training students how to research companies coming to TTU campus at all fairs to make the most of their internship and job search opportunities. Being a business major has never been so powerful. So many options to succeed!

Check out this link to see all Career Fair options. With each link, you will be able to see a listing of employers registered to attend. You will want to continue checking up until the fair as employers add often.

Career Services is handling all registration for the Nashville Career Fair(Ticket to Ride), they are located University Center Rm 328.

For more information about Nashville Career Fair Registration details, visit the Career Services website at: or call 931-372-3232.

Preparatory workshops for the Nashville Career Fair are February 9 and March 1, for more details see below.

See the Employers that are coming to the Nashville Career Fair. Check back often!