Ticket to Ride


*** Ticket to Ride 2016 is April 6. Stay tuned for more information, watch for workshop dates. *** 

2015 Ticket to Ride Video!

TTU College of Business has established a precedent at the Nashville Career Fair over the last decade. Our student experience has evolved into something quite spectacular as an experience to practice preparing for and attending a career fair. As compared to the other 16 universities that attend, we arrive in unison prepared and professional. TTU College of Business attendees do not carry in backpacks, we are all dressed in business professional clothing, we are prepared, our nametags speak for us, and our resumes are polished as are we. The advantage of getting to participate en masse in this fashion provides all business students, whether they are freshmen or MBA students, to research, apply, speak to a large volume of diverse employers as practice and/or to pursue an internship or job. As a result of this event, statistically, our students on average receive more interviews and job offers than any of the other 16 universities attending.  Take advantage of this opportunity. It’s free! You learn volumes from the experience. Why not practice and polish your professional development skills while you are in college? Doing so will only assist you in building confidence and professional acumen as you transition from business student to business professional.