Professional Dress

Making Calls and Etiquette

Making calls: reasons, etiquette and effectiveness Reasons

Your job search will involve telephone calls for various purposes, as precursors and follow-ups to written (including e-mail) correspondence. Purposes may include:

• Confirming names, spelling, title, address and other information for prospective contacts prior to writing a letter.

Business Casual

When to dress business casual

Some career fairs and job fairs — attire should be specified in the promotional materials for each fair. Note that some fairs suggest or require interview attire. Do your research in advance.

Style: From Work to Networking

It takes less than 10 seconds to create a lasting first impression. Here’s how to wow them with style at your next networking event.

By: Donna Smith

Right or wrong, shallow or not, we instinctively judge by appearances. Albert Mehrabian, author of Silent Messages (Wadsworth, 1971), claims appearance has a greater effect on people you meet for the first time than any other factor. He says 55 percent of an initial impression is based on how you look and only 7 percent on what you say.

Dress for Success

by Scott Reeves, Forbes

Paris Hilton may be everyone’s favorite airhead, but you don’t want to dress like her at theoffice. And face it, guys: That muscle T-shirt doesn’t flatter your teddy-bear tummy.

But in the age of “Dress Down Friday” and Internet Frump, what’s appropriate to wear to work? At many companies, there are no carved-in-stone rules, so when in doubt, go traditional.

Business Professional Dress Code Standards

Ticket to Ride, Etiquette Dinner, Professional Development Week and other College of Business events are all "dress code" events. They each enable you to practice dressing for a business-climate. Appearance does matter. Always check the work environment and/or event expectations you are entering to be sure you are dressed correctly so as not to detract from your qualifications as a business professional. If you are in doubt about how to dress for a business-related event, it is best to err on the side of conservatism.

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