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To provide programming that enhances the academic and social elements of our student's college experience as they transition from business students to business professionals.



Amy Jo Carpenter

Ms. Carpenter has worked at TTU since 2002, first as a student intern from 2000-2002 in the BusinessMedia Center and then, upon graduation with her undergraduate degree in Professional Communications, became Manager of Operations of the BusinessMedia Center. Following that position Ms. Carpenter went on to become Distance-MBA Manager of Operations in 2004.

She began working in the Student Success Center in 2005 and implemented the Student to Career Program in 2007. Under her direction programs such as the Business Professional Clothes Closet, Ticket to Ride: Nashville Career Fair Trip, College of Business Board of Trustees Etiquette Dinner, Professional Development Week, Networking Night, Mock Interview Night, LinkedIn Photo booth and many other groundbreaking opportunities have created a culture of expectation for our students and stakeholders and continue to thrive.

Ms. Carpenter received her consultant certification in Business Etiquette, Leadership and Protocol from the Washington School of Protocol in 2013. As an Etiquette Consultant, Ms. Carpenter teaches workshops in various venues in and out of the private sector nationwide. To date, the Student to Career Program has up to 6 annual events and 12-20 workshops per semester to aid student’s professional development. Ms. Carpenter is the adviser for the Tennessee Chapter of the National Millennial Community, Advisor for University Innovation Fellows and advisor for the President’s Student Ambassadors and a PC2500-Professional Communication: Presenting in the Workplace adjunct faculty member. Ms. Carpenter received her Master's degree in Educational Psychology. And recently, became Associate Director of Professional Development chartering the University's First Professional Development Center of Excellence. Her favorite part of her job is meeting with, encouraging and empowering students to reach their personal best as they transition from business student to business professional.


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