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College of Business Etiquette Dinner

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Our annual Etiquette Dinner (EQ), sponsored by the College of Business Advisory Board and by the generosity of donors, is one of our flagship events of the year. The EQ dinner gives students and professionals the opportuity to interact over a meal and in a business professional environment.


Our students spend a significant amount of time preparing for this event via workshops in personal branding (resume, LinkedIn, professional photo), networking, professional dress, dining etiquette, and interview skills. The professional guests that attend have access to our student's picture, resume, LinkedIn profiles as displayed on our "yearbook page" and vice versa. This gives our students and professionals an opportunity to research and prepare to meet one another before the before the event.

The goal of the EQ event for students is to practice, polish, and prepare as a professional. The goal of the event for the professionals is to meet our students and mentor them as they transition from business student to business professional.

Students can register and attend every year from beginning to end of their college experience and come back as a professional as an alum. The dinner takes place each spring semester.