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Student to Career facilitates students as they transition from business student to business professional. To train them to represent themselves in person, on paper, and online.

Professional Closet

Allows students to dress professionally at no charge to them.


Enriching Annual Events/Workshops

Etiquette Dinner, Foundation Dinner, Meet The Firms, Mock Interview Night, Resume Workshops, LinkedIn Workshops, etc.

Trained Student Mentors/Staff

Ready to assist students with their transition to business professionals.


Aiding students in professional development, dress, and etiquette.


Over 1,000 Students Helped Annually!

252 students utilized the Professional Clothes Closet.

132 students and 80 professionals attended the 2015 Etiquette Dinner. 

350 one-on-one student appointments aiding in resume reviews and interview coaching. 

140 students attended the 2015 Nashville Career Fair. 60% of the students who attended received interview opportunities.

275 students attended the Professional Guest Speaker Series last year. 

217 students attended the Foundation Dinner last year.